Originally from Gloucester, Massachusetts, I graduated from Western Kentucky University and settled in south-central Kentucky in my early twenties.  I married my college sweetheart in 2009, adopted our dog Fenway that same year, and together we have two beautiful boys and one darling girl that inspire me daily.  I have worked in the corporate and agency world of graphic design that has allowed me to gain a set of skills in design, photography, editing, and marketing.


I have a huge passion for sports, music, movies, and all things New England.  I may be in the south for now, but a piece of my heart will always be in Massachusetts.  If only I could convince my wife to love the snow, we would head north as soon as possible.


My favorite thing about being a graphic designer is knowing that my work has brought someone a piece of excitement into their lives.  Whether it be the perfect ad to kick off your new business, a new logo to re-brand yourself, or even a Christmas card you can send to all your loved ones far away, I love being a part of adding a little bit of beauty and personal style into the lives of others.


I would love to work with you on your custom project, so please feel free to contact me however it is most convenient for you.


Thanks for letting me be a part of your day,



Jason Orlando

"My heroes are the ones who survived doing it wrong, who made mistakes, but recovered from them."